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Recently, I purchased a new phone and decided on a Samsung A50.  There are so many choices which phone do you choose?  Should i go with an iPhone or Samsung?  My work phone is an iPhone and my personal phone is a Samsung.  I finally upgraded from a Samsung S4, yes it is a few years old.  I liked my phone and was not interested in getting a new one but after buying a new battery it still would not keep a charge for long and couldn't find the sim card.  So I decided on the Samsung A50, which is reasonably priced.  Other phones i looked at like the Best iphone or Samsung with the best camera were $1,200.00  My A50 was only $350.00. So take some time to look through which phone is right for you?  Search for your phones here  

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Garmin is a trusted authority in global positioning systems, and have the tools to help you locate and define your projects. This simple Garmin Foretrex 401 can mark your waypoints, routes and retrace your trail.  This tool can really assist you in marking your fishing spots, mark where you saw the bald eagle or deer on your hike. Wearable technology for outdoor sports, hiking, marine activities or avaition fun.  This product competes with the fitbit, and activity trackers.  Cool Electronics Now is here to help keep you connected and informed with the latest technology.

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There are many electronic tools to assist land managers with increasing the quality of the benchmark data to carefully record the impact of their restoration efforts.  Land mapping tools like ArcGIS GPS, drones, phones, laptops and google earth sattelite imagery tools, have increased the ability to develop a great detailed plan to revitalize and improve the landscape on a watershed scale.  Reduced soil erosion by wind and water is key to improving water and air quality. Increase productivity of the land for people and wildlife.  Help the Land Help People!

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Welcome! This is my first blog post. I opened my electronics store to show all of the latest cool electronic gadgets that are a must have to stay in the know.  Bluetooth earbuds, speakers, cameras and of course tv's.  I'll keep you posted of the latest and greatest electronics.  

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